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Australian Show Rabbit Council Inc.

ASRC & Affiliated Club forms

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We are pleased to offer advertising opportunities to affiliated clubs.
Please contact the ASRC Committee for an application form.
Copies of all ASRC documents are available via affiliated Club contacts. If your club requires draft documents, please contact
These basic documents were collated as part of the ASR forum over a ten year time frame. They are now very similar within most Clubs along with other organisations adapting them as a result.

ASRC Social Membership form

ASRC Prefix Application form

ASRC Ring Transfer Form

ASRC Additional Breed approval application

ASRC Judge's training application

ASRC Judge's list & panel inclusion form

ASRC encourage you to join your local affiliated club or National Breed Club. Challenge's are interchangeable and accepted between affiliated clubs, having been issued by ASRC recognised judge's.
Membership forms may be downloaded via the links below in pdf format.
Affiliated clubs:

Gippsland Rabbit Fanciers Association

Rabbit Breeders Association Of NSW

Rabbit Breeders Association Of Victoria Inc.

Rabbit Fanciers Association Of WA Inc.
South Eastern Rabbit Club

The Newcastle Rabbit Society Inc.

The SA Rabbit Fanciers Society Inc.

The Victorian Rabbit Association Inc.

National Breed & Specialist Clubs:

Australian Lop Circle Inc

National Angora Rabbit Breeders Club

National Dutch Rabbit Club

National Fur Breeds Club

National Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club Inc.

National Rex Rabbit Breeds Club



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ASRC: promoting the welfare of pure bred rabbits through exhibition.