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Australian Show Rabbit Council Inc.

ASRC National Breed & Specialist Clubs

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The ASRC National Breed Specialist Clubs were formed to assist and educate both breeders, exhibitors and the general public. The National Specialist Club's support the ASRC Breed Standards Panel to further promote various breeds, additions to standards and colours.
The ASRC believes in the inclusion and development of new breeds of rabbits and providing them with a standard for exhibition. It is imperative that the Breeder provides documentation and proof via their ASRC Specialist Club's and ASRC Breed Standards Panel, that the new/imported breed or colour, is capable of reproducing it's unique characteristics from generation to generation and that the new/imported breed or colour, is worthy of admission to the Council's Additional Standards. 
We encourage affiliated club members to support these specialist breed clubs and assist with and support new additions of colours and newly created breeds, or the inclusion of imported breeds, to existing standards for inclusion  in the ASRC Additional Breed's Standards Book.
In the foot steps and with the ongoing advice of The BRC and ARBA, our National Breed Clubs will advise the ASRC Breed Standards Panel and assist ASRC to approve changes to colours and inclusions of varieties in the future.
Members and judges alike, have been invited to form panels to input and discuss requirements of their breeds, additional colour considerations and additonal breeds not currently covered.

Are you a breeder/exhibitor/judge who'd like to have more input in your specialist club and report back to ASRC?
We are seeking members to assist with breed displays, promotions, oversee colour inclusions and document breeds for inclusion in additional standards.
Fill in the form and we will get back to you.

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National Angora Rabbit Breeders Club

Australian Lop Circle membership

National Dutch Rabbit Club

National Fur Breeds Club

National Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club

National Rex Rabbit Breeds Club


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